Show them you're thinking of them.

With a personalized card & delicious cookie sent right to their door.


Send the perfect message
in just a few clicks

Coming soon:
All natural, peanut butter doggy cookies!



Send a Card & Cookie greeting to your college student to let them know you are thinking of them, birthday, exam time or just because!

"Thank You" 
is never
out of style


Wishing someone "Happy Birthday" is always thoughtful.

"You are appreciated", is inspiring.

"I thought of you today"; can make a bad day brighter, knowing someone cares.

"I am sorry", "I love you, just because” can begin to mend a heart.

The reasons & occasions to send someone a thoughtful card and a delicious artisan cookie are endless. Customized with: your personal caption, a company logo, a signature!  Let us create your gift in just a few key strokes. FREE first class shipping is included.