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Introducing Lactose Free Baking

 Card & Cookie is proud to introduce Custom Baking with a specialty in lactose free baking.  Our kitchen is State Licensed & inspected and whether you need a quick batch of cookies, whoopie pies, a cake or something in between, give us a call & see what we can “whip” up for you. If you are lactose intolerant, no problem. I have had a serious lactose issue since the late 1980s, and over the years I have learned to bake with different ingredients & achieve delicious results  Don’t deny yourself dessert, call us today!

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If you love cookies, you’ve come to the right place.

Classic and innovative new flavors for the Connoisseur.

If you love Chocolate, have we got a cookie for you - our Triple Chocolate Brownie cookie!

Lactose a problem? Gluten a problem? We have lactose free cookies and gluten free cookies.

Granola bars move over . . . we love our Super Cookies - they’re gluten and lactose free!

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